Ryan K. Roeder

Ryan Roeder

Associate Professor, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering

Phone: 574-631-7003

Office: 148 Multidisciplinary Research Building



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Prof. Roeder’s lab investigates scaffolds biomaterials which are designed and manufactured to provide a microenvironment suitable for stem cells to regenerate tissues.  Stem cells are either recruited into the scaffold from surrounding tissue after implantation or loaded in the scaffold and delivered to the injury site upon implantation.  In either case, the scaffold biomaterial provides crucial biochemical and biomechanical signals to stem cells. 

For example, synthetic scaffolds derived from the natural constituents of bone, collagen, and hydroxyapatite, have been developed which are able to induce the formation of new blood vessels and bone tissue by recruiting endogenous stem cell populations after implantation.  These scaffolds are also well-suited for surgical handling, fixation, and bearing osteogenic loads during bone regeneration due to exhibiting mechanical properties which are significantly improved compared to current scaffolds used clinically.  Prof. Roeder’s lab is also investigating novel methods for delivering growth factors from these scaffolds to further direct the formation of new blood vessels and bone tissue.  These strategies are aimed at improving clinical outcomes in the repair of critical size bone defects associated with traumatic injuries, metastatic cancer, and spinal fusion procedures.

Prof. Roeder’s other research interests broadly span biomaterials, including nanoparticles for targeted contrast agents and drug delivery, as well biomechanics, including the mechanobiology and micromechanics of musculoskeletal tissues.

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