Supporting the Center

There are numerous ways that you can support the Center for Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine. Below are just a few examples of ways donors have supported the work of the center. To discuss a gift that is just right for you, please contact Allison Maddox Slabaugh by email or at (574) 631-2425.

The Elizabeth and Michael Gallagher Family Professorships

Michael Gallagher, ND '91, and his wife Elizabeth Gallagher, SMC '92, made a $5 million gift to establish the Elizabeth and Michael Gallagher Family Professorships in Adult Stem Cell Research at the University of Notre Dame. Their gift funds three endowed professorships in adult and all forms of non-embryonic stem cell research. This research will strengthen Notre Dame’s leadership in the stem cell field and enhance the University’s effective dialogue between the biomedical research community and the Catholic Church on matters related to stem cells and regenerative medicine.

Prof. Rebecca Wingert, Prof. Athanasia Panopoulos, and Asst. Prof. Cody J. Smith are the first three faculty members to be named. The Gallaghers’ gift will build on the already strong adult stem cell research in the College of Science to help the University become a national leader in a vital research area by contributing groundbreaking discoveries aimed at unlocking the mystery of many of these diseases, and by serving as the setting for thoughtful discussion and transformative education on an important ethical issue.

The Betsy and John Garibaldi Endowment for Excellence in Adult Stem Cell Research

This Endowment will support our undergraduate students to pursue cutting-edge adult stem cell and iPS cell research. This research opportunity is critical for each student’s goal of attending graduate or medical school while also continuing to aid Notre Dame’s growth and excellence in this critical research area.

The Jan and Marty Hiller Endowment for Excellence to Support Undergraduate and Graduate Student Research in the Adult Stem Cell Research

This Endowment will support our undergraduate and graduate students to be involved in Adult stem cell and iPS research and to be at the forefront of Notre Dame’s groundbreaking discoveries in this research area.

2016-2017 Hiller Family Scholar Graduate Fellowship:

  • Patrick Boyd

2015 Hiller Family Scholars:

  • Mark Brahier
  • Nicholas King
  • Sarah Fracci
  • Samantha Piekos
  • Haley Barlow

Dana Wilson Quintero Memorial Graduate Fellowships in the College of Science, funded by the Leiva Family

These fellowships will support graduate students in the area of Adult Stem Cell Research and Education in the College of Science.


Rob Lihosit and Pam DePierre Undergraduate Research Opportunity in the College of Science

Madonia Family Endowment in Adult Stem Cell Research

Riley Family Endowment for Excellence for Adult and Regenerative Stem Cell Research

Additional Supporters of the Center 2013-2014:

  • Brian Conway
  • Adrian Cyhan
  • Connor Kelly
  • Hogan family
  • Sara Spittler
  • Littlejohn family